We inhabit a culture of formulaic order. Our habits, actions and lives become part of the calculated automation which hums and buzzes incessantly alongside the 24 hour news cycle. Medicated, smitten with technology, inundated with advertisements, we gallop the rampant race of consumerism. We are what we have; we are what we subscribe to. This culture of subscription is one of distraction and entertainment. We absorb. We obey. We conform, and even behave most of the time; and in the midst of our culture’s comfort and hedonism, are wars, disasters, ecological devastation, corporate greed, political corruption, violence, addiction and madness. If we are to face the emptiness and absolute absurdity around us, what might we say, feel or do? In a world with so much bullshit, how do you continue to put one foot in front of the other? I am interested in the excess and decay around us, our culture’s production of normalcy and its refusals.

        My work address issues of addiction, escape and normalcy. Employing multiple visual languages I seek to imply that the language of the mind is not always logical. By fracturing and fragmenting space, and through the layering of surfaces my work attempts to represent the disruption and dissolution that occur with the erosion of logic. In exploring discontinuous space I hope to find the disruption of form that enables sensation. Through superimposing or juxtaposing forms, my work attempts to make narrative suggestions that document the disintegration and decomposition of a world to which we are anesthetized.